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Clinical Day

The WC2003 will offer a special Clinical Day with sessions targeted for our radiation oncologist and radiation therapist colleagues. It will be held on Friday 29th August and cost $400 for the day. Full registrants of the WC2003 may attend the Clinical Day at no extra cost.

We have three Point-Counterpoint debates on this day including:

IMRT versus Protons
Chair: Peter Metcalfe
Rock Mackie, Steve Web and Chen Chui versus Al Smith, Michael Jackson

Glioblastoma Multiforme: is there a preferred radiation modality?
Chair: John Kearsley, Sydney
Wolfgang Sauerwein, Arlene Lennox, Junetsu Mizoe, Peter Graham

Dose normalisation in chemotherapy
Chair: Alun Beddoe
Howard Gurney, Ross Hansen

We will also schedule:

  • Treatment verification with chair Marcel Van Herk and co chair David Jaffray (Cone beam CT).
  • Radiobiology with chair Andrzej Niemerko and co-chair Lois Holloway (TCP,EUD, BED)
  • Oncology imaging with chair George Chen and co chair Martin Ebert (PET fusion, MRI)
  • Motion compensation with chair James Balter and co-chair Hiroko Shirato (targeting lung, tracking and gating)

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