World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering







Tentative Topics for Track 12: New frontiers in MP and BME

Chairs: Prof Dan Nicolau , Dr. Uwe Muller , Prof Daniel Farkas

Topic NumberDescriptionChairs
1BioMEMS and Lab-on-the-chipProf Abe Lee , Prof Dan Nicolau
2Biomolecules and cells on surfacesDr. Sverre Myhra , Dr Helmut Thissen
3BME & MP in Oriental Medicine (incl: Symposium: Biomedical Engineering in Integrative Medicine)Prof Y-H , Chang , Prof Kazuhiko Atsumi
4Databases and data mining for genomics and proteomics. Prof. Tim Littlejohn , Dr. Mervyn Thomas
5Functional imaging and single molecule/cell manipulationDr. Mattias Goksör , Prof Daniel Farkas , Dr Erik Fallman
6In silico 'whole cell' modelling and biocomputationProf. Philip Kuchel , Prof. Tim Littlejohn , Prof Michael Liebman
7Micro and nano-arrays; nanoparticlesDr. Uwe Muller , A/Prof. Paul Mulvaney
8Molecular engineering of ion channels and membranesDr Jamie Vandenberg , Dr Martyn Mahaut-Smith
9Molecular modelling, structure and function predictionProf Michael Liebman
10Molecular motors and nanomechanicsProf Cristobal dos Remedios , Prof Dan Nicolau , Prof Eberhard Unger
11Photo- and laser technologiesProf Daniel Farkas , A/Prof Laura Marcu
12Physiome modelling and simulationProf Fumihiko Kajiya , Prof. Katsuhiko Tsujioka , -- To be advised --
13Thermal and electromagnetic technology, electroporation and electropermeabilisationA/Prof Laura Marcu , Prof Martin A Gundersen
14Other -- To be advised --

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