World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering







Tentative Topics for Track 13: MP/BME, Education, Industry and Society

Chairs: Dr James O Wear , Prof Klaus Schindhelm , A/Prof Tim van Doorn

Topic NumberDescriptionChairs
1Academia to Industry: the great leap forward or backwards? -- To be advised --
2AFOMP Workshop on Education and Training of Medical Physicists in the Asia-Oceania regionProf Kiyonari Inamura
3Education Dr David Porter , Dr Natalka Suchowerska
4Industry Terry Coulter , Dr Binseng Wang
5SocietyDr Andrei Issakov , Dr Dan Stroud
6Workshop on Education and Training of Medical PhysicistsDr Natalka Suchowerska
7Other -- To be advised --

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