World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering







Tentative Topics for Track 17: Health Technology Management

Chairs: Mladen Poluta , Dr Richard Tremewan , Mr Adrian Richards

Topic NumberDescriptionChairs
1Health Facilities and Services Management -- To be advised -- , -- To be advised --
2Health Technology AssessmentDr David Hailey , Dr Richard Tremewan
3Health Technology Policy, Planning and Needs AssessmentDr Yunkap Kwankam , Mr Peter Heimann
4HTM/CE Benchmarking and Performance IndicatorsMr Adrian Richards , Dr Frank Painter
5HTM/CE Capacity Building and Educational ProgrammesDr James O Wear , Dr Nicholas Pallikarakis
6HTM/CE Developing Countries/ Emerging Economies IssuesDr Andrei Issakov , Mr Nandor Richter
7HTM/CE Information Systems and Management ToolsMr Enrico Nunziata , Mr Peter Heimann
8HTM/CE Organisational IssuesDr Binseng Wang , Mr Murray John
9HTM/CE Professional IssuesMr Adrian Richards , Mladen Poluta
10HTM/CE Standards and Quality AssuranceDr Yunkap Kwankam , Dr Tom Judd
11HTM/CE Telemedicine IssuesDr Yadin David , Dr Marcello Bracale
12Maintenance StrategiesDr Frank Painter , -- To be advised --
13Procurement Strategies Mladen Poluta , Mr Roger Schmitt
14Regulation of Medical DevicesMr Mike Flood , Dr Michael Cheng
15Risk Management/ Equipment Safety/ LiabilityDr Michael Cheng , -- To be advised --
16Technology Life-cycle Issues -- To be advised -- , -- To be advised --
17Other -- To be advised --

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