World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering







Tentative Topics for Track 4: Hadron Therapy Physics

Chairs: Prof Tatsu-aki Kanai , Prof Barry Allen

Topic NumberDescriptionChairs
1Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (Sponsored by ISNCT)Dr Jacek Capala , Prof Barry Allen
2Debate/Special Topic Point-counterpoint - Glioblastoma: which hadron therapy? (clinical)Prof Barry Allen , Prof John kearsley
3Fast Neutron TherapyDr Arlene Lennox
4Heavy ion therapyProf Tatsu-aki Kanai
5High LET RadiobiologyDr Michael Scholtz
6Proton TherapyProf Al Smith
7Targeted Alpha Therapy (4th. Alpha Therapy Symposium)Dr Darrell Fisher , Prof Barry Allen
8Workshop on Alpha-Particle Dosimetry, MIRD Task Group 9Dr George Sgouros
9Other -- Unassigned --

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